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When Pinion reached out to Playoff they just wanted a simple website with contact information. Our challenge was to make this interesting and something someone would want to see and share amongs friends. Choosing a retro-techy design with a hidden easter egg was a sure win with the veterans in the tech industry.

About the Project

Playoff is a company that has been working to deliver technology solutions for over two decades. Their website was ready for an upgrade and the challenge was to create a website with only two sections, and minimal text. They also asked us to design a new logo.

Since there was very little content to work with as a starting point, we had to be extra creative to be able to create a website that was interesting, and at the same time had a so-called wow factor. We decided to design an eye-catching retro-style website that brings to mind the beginnings of the era that led us into the age of the internet. The customers, who are veterans in the field of technology, liked the idea very much!

In addition to the visual effects, and a retro-futuristic background music, we decided to add a so-called “easter egg”, ie a hidden surprise for the audience, as an extra curiosity for those particularly interested. Follow the letter O in the logo in the top right corner. We designed this letter as a classic on / off button as a little hint to the visitor. Can you find the Easter egg?

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