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Waterworks is a Norwegian startup that delivers equipment and services for filtering the water onboard ships. They came to us early in the startup process and we made business cards, letter heads, presentation-templates and of course designed their website. Together with this we also made a explainer video that easily and simply explains their product and service in 3 minutes.

About the Project

Waterworks approached Pinion early in the startup phase with some ideas about a logo. We took those ideas and came up with a complete profile and website design for Waterworks. This led to more advanced functionality like customer login, document handling, and more.

Waterworks is an exciting new technology company, providing technology for filtering drinking water onboard ships. This greatly reduced the carbon footprint and usage of plastic bottles onboard ships.

These positive effects on the environment are becoming the mission statement of Waterworks, and to spread this important message to the world Pinion is providing content creation in collaboration with Waterworks.

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